The Story of Qrimp

Posted: 12/10/2007 12:31:00 PM
A little bit about the history of Qrimp and what it has taken to get us here.
Qrimp was born to make it easier to create custom web applications. It is designed for those businesses and individuals who need an information management solution for which there is no existing packaged solution or who need a very customized solution to a particular business need.

The web has been around for quite some time, but it is still very difficult to build web applications. You have to know how to program. You have to know how to manage databases, hosting providers, test in multiple browsers, download and install IDE's, compilers, and understand security.

Once you master all that, you have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to build a new system. Login pages, sortable tables, search forms, navigation... the biggest part of the development effort is mundane and boring.

Qrimp was designed to be the shortest path between your information and managing it on the web. Behind Qrimp is a team with years of experience building enterprise class web applications the hard way. We have lots of ideas and lots of web applications we want to build, but it takes so much time, we'd never get to all of them. That's why we built Qrimp. With Qrimp, we can build a new website everyday if we want and adding to those sites, making them better, changing the look and feel and the information managed in them is very easy.

The world is changing faster every day. The amount of information we have to manage is increasing: projects, employees, inventory, customers, accounts receivable, accounts payable, real estate, ... the list is endless. Our mission is to make it easy to build systems to help us manage the ever growing quantity of data out there and make it easy to get data into the system and out.

This is just the beginning. We believe web based application development is the future. We are excited about this great opportunity. If you'd like to join us in our mission to make information technology easier for everyone, create a beta account or a demo account and send us your feedback.