Time Zone Awareness

Posted: 8/26/2008 12:02:27 PM
We recently added Time Zone Awareness to your Qrimp apps, here are a few of the benefits.
Before this past weekend, if you live in China or another time zone outside Central Standard Time, you'd have seen the dates for items created in your Qrimp app appear several hours off. This has become more of an issue over time, because we've acquited customers all over the world and users from different time zones using the same application.

Showing all times in the same time zone was inconvenient for scheduling applications. Everyone in the world would see an event start at the time the creator specified, even if they were in another time zone. If an event is scheduled to start at 7PM in Texas though, then it should say 5PM for someone viewing the event information from the Pacific Time Zone.

Now it does.

When you log into your Qrimp app the next time, you'll be prompted to set your Time Zone. Every time zone around the world is supported, including daylight saving time. With this new feature, all apps built on Qrimp are automatically time zone aware. You don't need to write any code to make this possible.

If you move your location to another time zone and would like to change it, use the Home > Settings menu.