What the recent Facebook and Twitter DDoS outage tells us

Posted: 8/12/2009 7:42:42 AM
The web is extremely fragile.
The recent Facebook and Twitter Outage was an attack on one person. Twitter was down for 2 days. F-Secure said it was like bombing a TV station because you don't like one of the newscasters. Hmm... Except it's not.

This one person, whose name I won't mention, made some Russians so angry that they disabled a web service used by millions of people. MILLIONs of people.

The damage was even worse than just taking out Twitter and Facebook. It also took out portions of Blogger run by Google, the most massive data center in the world. LifeJournal was also down.

If hackers angry at one person can take down four internet companies' websites used by millions of people, imagine if they were angry at, I don't know... two people!