About Qrimp

We're on a Mission

To provide small and medium sized businesses with enterprise-class data management software.

How we Roll

Qrimp is a custom software products and services company with a passion for web software. We offer the Qrimp Platform for custom development, allowing tech-savvy business users to create and manage their own software applications. We also offer software products built on top of the Platform and provide a variety of services for Qrimp Platform users.

Our History

Since 2006, Qrimp has been building quality web software applications. Applications built on the Qrimp Platform have been up and running in the cloud for over 6 years, before the term cloud was even a buzz word.

You're the Boss and We're Here for You

We are an employee-owned small company, so we can make decisions faster and give you personalized attention. We started this company because we love this stuff. Contact us today or check out the Qrimp Platform to learn more about how you too can learn to love your software.