Geeking Out on Databases

Posted: 6/6/2014 4:49:16 PM
Singing the praises of that underappreciated technology infrastructure: the Database
I'm supposed to write a blog post about another new Qrimp feature, document folders. I'm not really feeling too inspired about document folders right now, but I'm totally stoked about databases in general. I was up late last night working on some internal systems for Qrimp and I was really having a ball. (I really like creating custom views.)

I love when I get to geek out on system creation. Putting together the pieces of a system is a lot like doing a puzzle. It's great for the organizational and creative parts of your brain. I spent a few hours thinking, testing, pulling in data sources, writing down the pieces of data I had, and then I really had to think - what exactly am I trying to get out of all this? (Totals! Subtotals!) And how am I going to get it? Do I need to have someone write a query for me? It turned out, I was able to do it all on my own! Woot!

So instead of writing about document folders, I've decided to write a poem about databases.

At first glance,
you confused me
your relational capabilities
connecting data in ways
my mind could not quite fathom

then I got to know you
as a tool for data entry
James Smith, Jim Smith, Jimmy Smith

then I learned to build you
slowly, year after year
just how complex you were
and how you really are
the way to get knowledge
from information

And now I see you everywhere
yet hear about you rarely
you unsung hero, glamourlessly serving data
behind the apps
behind the everything
in this software-rich world
from the apps on my phone
to the grocery check out stand
$1.28, $3.64, $0.99