Messaging, Error messages, table names and more

Posted: 12/14/2007 5:01:00 PM
We updated the messaging functionality, improved the appearance of error messages and improved table name validation.
While Qrimp has always had messaging functionality built in, it required specially configured tables for Contacts and Interactions. If these tables were not present, messaging wouldn't work when attempting to send external emails. Today, we updated the messaging functionality to allow sending of external emails even if these tables aren't in your Qrimp App. We also created a module that will allow us to add messaging to your Qrimp App very easily. If you would like to add messaging to your app, send a request to support at

We also improved the appearance of the error messages by adding an icon to the left to help errors stand out. We also improved the error message that was displayed when entering text into a field that requires integers (numbers without decimals).

We performed more stringent validation on table names when creating new tables.

Finally, we improved the login page redirection so that it doesn't repeatedly add the redirect target if the user enters an invalid username and/or password.

Thanks to Bill for alerting us to these issues.