Mosso CloudFS

Posted: 5/5/2008 8:58:00 AM
Today, Mosso announced a cloud storage service to compliment their cloud computing service. Existing Mosso customers can consolidate cloud providers and save money on bandwidth compared to Amazon S3.
Cloud computing is the hot topic in the computing space today. For nearly two years now, Mosso has been providing compute cloud services on the LAMP stack and Microsoft .NET, but accounts are now limited to 50GB of disk space without incurring overage fees. Each gig over costs $0.50. Compare this to Mosso's new cloud storage offering at $0.15 per GB.

The Cloud Storage service is priced to compete with Amazon's S3, which Qrimp currently uses for database backups. We abstracted the remote storage calls, so I suspect it will be a trivial matter to convert from S3 to Mosso. I signed up for the early beta, I'll blog more about that as I use the service. You can sign up for the free pre-release beta here. John Engates also has a post in the Racklabs Blog talking about the process of building the Cloud Storage system.

The thing that really interests me about the service is now Qrimp can consolidate our service providers. Mosso provides our database and compute cloud services, but backing up to S3 requires managing multiple vendors. Being on the .NET platform, we can't easily use Amazon EC2, so the logical answer is to move file storage to Mosso's Cloud.

I can't wait to use this new service. Subscribe to the Qrimp Blog and I'll keep you updated. I plan to post some code samples for others who are on S3, but would like to migrate to CloudFS.