Moving from WebEx WebOffice to Qrimp for New Customers

Posted: 11/10/2014 2:16:03 PM
The process of becoming a Qrimp customer and migrating your data

We are pleased to be offering a great new home to former WebOffice customers. If you're out of time and you need to migrate all of your data to a new system, we have a great import tool that can save your WebEx databases and documents! You can see our pricing and more here.

When you decide to come on board at Qrimp, here's a description of how the process works. Please also check out our WebOffice FAQ. You will also need to carefully read the entirety of the WebOffice Export & Backup Tool Documents(see table) resources that WebEx WebOffice has provided.
Read these instructions completely and carefully. Missing a step can result in delays and additional charges.

  1. If you haven't already, you should read up on why Qrimp is a great alternative to WebOffice in our blog post from December when the WebOffice End-Of-Life was first announced.

  2. Contact us to let us know about yourselves, your company and your system. We like having a discussion before we create apps. We will most likely schedule a webinar to show you Qrimp and/or have a look at your existing WebOffice system.

  3. Request your url at: Select "Weboffice Migration Special Offer" from the hosting plan drop-down. We put you in the queue for app creation. If you would like to play with a Qrimp app with more data in it, we can give you a login name and password for

  4. You will receive an invoice via PayPal. Once payment is received, we will schedule your data import.

    • Please discuss with your Qrimp rep if you need to arrange payment by check. The last date we can accept a customer who must pay by check is November 21st.

  5. Create a user account in your WebOffice for us so we can create your backup. If you are not comfortable with us doing your backup, contact your rep. Creating a backup yourself is possible, but it is quite technical.

    • Use your web office app name as the WebOffice account email address ie:

    • For security reasons, please do not email us the password. We will request a password reset from within the WebOffice login screen after WebOffice notifies us that you have created a member for us in your WebOffice system.

    • In order to ensure the most complete export and data integration possible, please make sure every database has either a file upload field, a Unique ID, or an Image field on it. If it does not, please add a temporary 'test' field with one of these data types. We use this field to link records to calendar, tasks and activity logs. Without this field we cannot do that. For instructions, see WebOffice's help documentation under the databases section.

    • If you are using WebOffice's task management, you need to have each user export their own tasks. Same for activities and calendar.

    • For Calendar, click on the calendar month view > click the advanced search link > click the "Include past event" checkbox > click the Search button at the top of that screen. Click the export button, choose Comma delimited (.csv) file, then click Export. If you have more than 200 events, you will need to modify your search criteria to retrieve them all as WebOffice limits search results to 200 items.

    • Be aware that if you were using the Name field type, when WebOffice exports your data they concatenate First, Middle and Last Names into one field. The same is true for Address Line 1, 2, 3 etc. City, State, ZIP. To learn how you can handle this once your data is exported read: separating name and address fields.

    • Note that we do not yet have automatic email reminders for tasks and events.

  6. Schedule a time for us to run the import. This part of the import process usually takes 2-4 hours. During a period of 12-16 hours while the system is being set up and customized (steps 4-7), if your team enters data into WebOffice, that data will have to be manually entered into Qrimp so that nothing is lost. Thus, we recommend either putting a freeze on data entry into WebOffice once we start the import, or schedule the WebOffice import for overnight or over a weekend. If the import is done on a weekday evening, your team must either:

    • not do any data entry into your WebOffice in the morning, or

    • re-enter any data that was entered into WebOffice from the time the import was run until the time that your Qrimp app is ready to use.

  7. We create your Qrimp app. After import, we'll have a GoToMeeting to review and customize. We show you changes you can make, if applicable. This can also be done as a serious of phone calls or emails as time permits. About 1 hr.

  8. We implement any additional changes requested.

  9. You show your team the system and begin data entry into Qrimp.

We hope that this information helps you in your decision whether to move to Qrimp and makes the migration process easier to understand. Let us know if you have any questions.

Note that these steps are only applicable to basic WebOffice installations. For complex installations, a more hands-on process will be required and you will be guided through this process by your Qrimp rep.