New Feature - Clean URLs

Posted: 6/11/2008 3:00:00 AM
What you've all been waiting for: Clean Urls.
Yes, yes... they've been a long time coming. We know, but here they are. You can now share clean URLs for your data.

How They Work

When you have a url that looks like this:
You can now reference it like this:

Isn't that nice? Now, say you want to reference the detail view for a particular record in your table like this link to American Gangster:

You could get there like this:

The order of the /'s goes like this:

The itemname and viewname can be replaced with the ID for the entry as well.

Custom URL Mapper Module

To make it even better, we've added a new module called "Clean URL Mapper". If you add this module to your application, you will have a new system table that will allow you to map any "DirtyUrl" to any "CleanUrl." After you add the module, the Clean Url Mapper menu will appear below the Design menu.

More Information

You can read more in our Help Topics, specifically the entry for Clean URLs.