Nomadic working -- Bring it on!

Posted: 4/11/2008 10:53:00 AM
What was telecommuting, or working from home is now nomadism, or nomadic working and Qrimp is here to support it.
Nomadic working is all the rage. There are many articles this week in The Economist discussing this new nomadic work lifestyle. This new way of working is a vision of our company and our motivation is in no small part fueled by our love of getting out of the office.

At Qrimp, we are facilitating this movement by web enabling the enterprise. We are breaking down the information silos so that your company's information is available anywhere you have access to the internet -- even if that access is from a mobile phone. You can browse, edit, even upload attachments to your Qrimp application from many modern mobile devices. Tara uses her HTC Touch almost exclusively.

Not only do we embrace this new way of living, but we live it ourselves. We have no physical offices to pollute the environment. We don't waste time commuting for hours each day. We work from home or we go to the coffee shop down the street. Sometimes we work from our clients' offices, but mostly, we work wherever we are.

We do presentations online and work with clients remotely using conference calls and webinars to get feedback. Because Qrimp is completely web enabled, we can make changes to applications right in the web session and get immediate feedback on system design and functionality. In the old days, these kinds of changes might take days at least -- plenty of time to forget what the end user asked for. As a consequence, we build better systems faster with a higher end user appreciation than the office settings of yesterday provided.

Back in the days of consulting, I would fly each way once a week, lugging my laptop and a week's worth of clothes. Eventually I splurged on two sets of everything so I could leave one packed to be out the door in a moment's notice: razors, shampoo, toothbrush -- two of everything. The traveling work lifestyle is expensive, time consuming, and trying. Many of us still do it. Some love it, some hate it. I love and hate it, but still I think there is a better way.

The constant vision of a better way seems to be an underlying principle of everything we do here and remote working (a.k.a. nomadism, telecommuting, wifi-working) is definitely a better way. It's better for the environment. It's better for our personal health and family relationships. Ultimately, it's better for our communities and our companies too. I am glad to see it getting more press, especially from an esteemed publication like The Economist.