Post-Import Process

Posted: 11/10/2014 6:00:50 PM
What are my next steps after you import my WebOffice data?

After we have run our import tool, please log in to your new Qrimp app and thoroughly review your system. There are a few extra set-up tasks you will need to do. Depending on which features you used in WebOffice, some components may need to be re-created. You can complete the majority of these additional set-up tasks yourself using the links to our Help Documentation in the list below, some of these issues we will show you how to do in the post-import webinar, and for others you may need help from us.

Export your Calendars

WebOffice does not give us access to each user's calendar. Each user with a calendar will have to export it and then it can be imported into Qrimp. Have each user log in to WebOffice and export their calendar(s) to a .csv. Compile all the results into one table or import them into your Qrimp app and we can integrate those calendar records into our calendar interface.

Data Completeness

Have a look at each table ("database") and make sure it contains all of your data, loads quickly, and is set up properly. Are any tables missing? Is any data missing? Do there seem to be any anomalies in the data?

Historical Data

Because the back-up pulls in all of your databases, old or historical data may show up in your Qrimp app. You may wish to:


Occasionally, Qrimp's import tool cannot make an automatic determination about your datatype. For example, a date field might contain data that was not recognized as a date.

  • Change datatypes. You can convert fields to dates, numbers (with or without decimals) and currencies.

  • Are your url and email fields showing up as links (if you want them to)?

Security Considerations

As you look at your data, make note of special security considerations. Should particular groups of users be only able to see the data they create?

  • Menu tabs: Permission to see each menu tab/link in the app is based on user groups. You must set Group Menu Visibility for each tab.


If you have related data that appears in drop-downs, you will need to convert those fields to drop-downs in Qrimp. Once you have converted them, you may see old/historic fields appear in your drop-down. You will need to hide those.

Related Data

Would you like to change the links to data in the related data area? Qrimp will choose a default field to represent records, but you may wish to change this.

Calculated Fields

If you had calculated fields, WebOffice only backs up the value in the fields you've defined there, not the formulas, so those formulas need to be rebuilt in Qrimp with the same calculation as was in WebOffice. This usually requires deleting the existing field with raw data in it in Qrimp, then re-adding the column using the computed column specificiation from the Table Manager.


Check that links to your attachments (uploaded documents) work. If there are any issues, it may be due to file extensions or names. Note that attachments in Qrimp work differently than in WebOffice.

Look and Feel

Would you like to change the skin or add your logo?

Field Order

If you want to change the order of your fields in your tables, please use the grid view to rearrange columns.

Tasks (If used)

Tasks are not included in the WebOffice backup. If you were using tasks in WebOffice, you will need to have each user who used tasks log in to your WebOffice and back up their own tasks.

Custom Views (If used)

If you had custom views set up on your WebOffice databases that let you sort and filter your tables, you must re-create them using Qrimp's custom view builder.

Name and Address Concatenation (If used)

Sometimes when WebOffice exports your data, they concatenate First, Middle and Last Names into one field. The same is true for Address Line 1, 2, 3 etc. City, State, ZIP. If your imported data has names and addresses concatenated that must be broken out, please let us know. Also see our Help Topic on this subject for more information.

Required Fields

Are there fields that need to be required? WebOffice's back up doesn't transmit which fields are required. Please let us know and we can do this for you.


Look for pages that load slowly. This can be caused by drop-down fields that contain a lot of data. Let us know, we have a fix for this.