Alternative to DabbleDB

Posted: 6/10/2010 11:55:44 PM
The DabbleDB team has been acquired by Twitter. We'd like you to give Qrimp a try.
The brilliant team behind another web database has been acquired. It's great news for the DabbleDB team, but it's terrible news for customers of DabbleDB. We are happy they have seen great success, but we know existing DabbleDB customers must be on edge right now. Who is going to continue working on DabbleDB? Will data stored there continue to exist? What alternatives are there for DabbleDB?

A Great Alternative to DabbleDB

Well, Qrimp is a great alternative for DabbleDB. One of the best things about Qrimp is that it runs on your local computer, in a server environment, or even your own VPS, so if Qrimp is acquired, you don't have to worry about your data -- just install your own Qrimp server license!

Special Limited Time Offer

Signup with Qrimp for the same rate you're paying at DabbleDB! That's right. For a limited time, we are offering DabbleDB customers Qrimp accounts at the same price you're paying for DabbleDB. Just let us know you are coming in as an existing DabbleDB customer when you sign up for Qrimp. Let us know what you're paying there, with verification, and you'll get the same rate here.

What is Qrimp?

Qrimp is an easy to use online web database. It's not quite as intuitive, but that's because it's way more powerful. Qrimp has security settings by group. You can do advanced reporting and even create your own SQL based Queries. Not only that, but it has a great CSS based system to change the look and feel of your web application, enabling you to power not only a web database, but any website for any purpose.

Easing the transition to a new Online Database

About a year ago, we offered support for customers of Coghead who need to transition to another platform. Now, we are offering support to customers of DabbleDB who would like to transition to another web database platform. Qrimp has been around now for 4 years. Some systems built on Qrimp have over 400 users and they work great. Many people say they like the interface better and find Qrimp much faster than DabbleDB as well, so we think you'll be happy here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.