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Tara has been involved in Qrimp from the start. She was the original guinea pig for the system. Using only her self-taught knowledge of HTML and her experiences as a user of a wide variety database systems she proved out the theory that even novices can learn to create complex database applications with Qrimp.

One of Tara`s favourite things to do at Qrimp is making sure that the system stays easy enough for non-programmers to use. She`s active on the developer network, and maintaining the Help Files and is always eager to help new users with any questions they might have, so post away in the Forums for answers to your questions. Tara also helps with editing and writing marketing materials and technical documentation, doing web and graphic design, liasing with clients and taking care of 'the paperwork' .

An artist at heart, Tara first fell in love with computers at age 11, when someone gave her family a Macintosh 128K and she discovered MacPaint.

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Reworking the Qrimp Platform Navigation: Menu Tabs

Qrimp is getting a menu tab makeover.

Posted On: 1/14/2011 9:55:00 PM in Qrimp


Designers across the world cross their fingers and murmur "I hope it works in IE6"

Posted On: 12/21/2007 in Design

Beta Daze

Poetic waxing about our Official Serious Beta Release

Posted On: 11/30/2007 in Qrimp

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