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Software for Growth

Qrimp has helped the following businesses make money, save money, improve the working lives of their employees, or create a better experience for their customers -- sometimes all of the above. We focus on making the software fun and enjoyable to use, while delivering the reports and visibility management needs to make better decisions. We do all that and keep the stakeholders happy by delivering software on time and on budget. Plus, we service what we sell.

In Summary

Qrimp's services team can find the pain points in your organization that can be fixed with software (Sam's Furniture). Qrimp's systems can have both customer-facing and internal management portions in the same application (CausEffects). Qrimp systems can be built for a fraction of the cost of typical development (GM). Qrimp software can be a quick interim solution to a growing company (YooDoo). The Qrimp Platform works with web standard HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL, so it is accessible to a wide range of developers (Gartner Research).

Sams Furniture logo

Sam's Furniture is a brick and mortar store with multiple legacy software systems. This case study outlines how Qrimp rebuilt their approval management software.

Sams Furniture logo

This case study dives into some of the technical aspects of how Qrimp is used at Sam's Furniture.

CausEffects logo

CausEffects is a charity auction company in Dallas, Texas. CausEffects uses Qrimp both for their external facing website and to manage internal auction-related tasks.

GM logo

An employee at GM built a prototype of a Global Manufacturing Peer Review system using the Qrimp Platform. She had a lot of good things to say about developing in Qrimp.

YooDoo.biz logo

YooDoo is a business services provider in England. Qrimp's software helped YooDoo implement a quick solution during the growth phase of their business.

ECommerce Sites

Qrimp's Ecommerce platform helps wholesale businesses get their inventory online. Show products separately to wholesale and retail customers and update featured products.

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