Our Products

Inventory, Order and Shipping Management

Manage inventory and orders for multiple customers and vendors. Create new orders that automatically route printable packing lists to the correct warehouse. Integrate with logistics providers to enable shipment tracking. Specify which personnel can see which information. Customize any part of the system!


Easy upload or entry of your products list. Shopping Cart. Managing wholesale and retail customers. Enter prices for wholesale or retail customers, or as many pricing groups as you have. Integrate with UPS Address verification services and address validation. Customize any part of the system!

Customer and Product Management

Manage pricing, rebates and SPIFFs and more for multiple products with Qrimp CRM. Specify information such as prices by customer groups. Manage sales and marketing projects. View reports for real and projected revenues. Customize any part of the system!

Auction Management

Manage real or virtual auction items. Create print-outs for silent auctions. System is set up for customer browsing, shopping cart, back office order management, and post auction results tracking. And plus, since it's Qrimp, it's easy to customize.

Equipment Rental

When running a company with lots of products to offer, it pays to expose that inventory to your customers. This website for a tractor sales and rental company allows visitors to browse items and reserve them for dates in the future. Customize any part of the system!

Your Niche!

If there's no software that fits your niche, we'd love to work with you to build one! Please fill out a services request form. If you are techinically inclined or have technical staff, you may also like the Qrimp Platform

, where you can roll your own app.