Qrimp is an AJAX driven Web Database, No Downloads Required

Qrimp is a web database without limits. Simple to get started. Easy to use. Robust and feature rich.

Build your web database to collaborate with your team in 5 minutes. The flexible Qrimp Platform grows with you and adapts to your information management requirements. No programming is required, but we have a rich API and AJAX capabilities so you aren't restricted like with other web databases. Build complex forms, drill downs, and workflows using combinations of data from multiple tables.

Automatically generate rich interfaces for one-to-many (drop downs), many-to-many (checkboxes), self-references (tree views), or dates (calendar). Javascript input validation is generated automatically for 24 data types including phone numbers, email addresses, zip codes, currency, websites, calculated fields and more. Create mashups with your data and data from other providers.

Qrimp was built for everyone so it is easy to use, but we wanted to solve many problems, so it is well thought out. After 10 years of custom enterprise application development, we found the patterns and used them to build this on demand system for ourselves and for you.

Sign up and your first two months are free with access to full support. We will help you get started with your first application and help you along the way. We began using Qrimp to build our corporate intranet over 2 years ago. It's rock solid and easy enough for those with no database experience. Just copy and paste a spreadsheet to get started.

Say good-bye to one-size-fits-all software. With Qrimp, it's so easy and cost effective to build software that it is often cheaper than customizing package solutions and integrating them into your existing infrastructure. Build systems with only the features you need and shrink the learning curve for your staff. Build a system that fits your business model. Stop changing your business model to fit the software.

Build your own apps - with Qrimp

Qrimp is a tool designed for IT shops with extensive backlogs and many applications needing routine maintenance and enhancement. It is an application platform that brings all the development tools into the browser, making it easy for developers and end users to build and improve systems as they use them. It empowers the business community, reduces time to market and improves ROI for Information Technology projects. With Qrimp, development times are reduced by as much as 80% for complex projects and simple projects that previously took a week or two to implement can be completed in just a few hours.

Create with Qrimp

Experienced programmers will be impressed by the amount of functionality available right in the web browser without using IDEs, compilers or even code. Business users will be amazed by how easy it is to create and enhance applications in ways never before possible without extensive programming experience.

With Qrimp, you can make changes to your application on-the-fly. Add, remove or rename database objects without any system downtime, code rewrites, rebuilds, or redeployment necessary. Qrimp is the perfect tool to combine the talents of IT and the end user. The pros can help analyze the problem and map the information set to a persistent store and the end users can shape and mold the resulting system to their needs without bogging down IT with simple changes. Qrimp helps both teams collaborate and get more done in less amount of time, while saving tens of thousands of dollars of development time throughout the life of the project.

Qrimp brings all the features of great web systems we love to use to any application without writing any code. Sortable tables, advanced search forms, drop down menu navigation, high resolution security capabilities, and many more of the features the IT staff would love to implement and business users would love to use if only the timeline and budget allowed for it. Building applications with Qrimp saves time in development and makes it easier for the end user as well, saving even more time and money once the systems are built and being used within the organization.

If you are interested in the benefits of faster IT development, but don't have the time or experience to build it yourself, contact sales at qrimp.com to discuss having us build a system for you.

To learn how we make this all possible, read about the Qrimp Platform or check out our screenshots and demos now. If you have questions that we haven't answered anywhere on the site, check out our support page and FAQ.

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