The Qrimp Platform

Create the web, from the web

Platform Overview

The Qrimp Platform is a rapid application development tool used to develop database applications for the web, from a web browser. The Platform automates many of the tasks previously required for development. No coding environment to set up, nothing to install, nothing to download. Choose a login name, request an application url, choose a plan and you're ready to go!

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System Features

  • Cloud Hosted or Server Install
  • Excel Import
  • Excel, XML, SQL Statement Export
  • White Label to your Brand
  • Fully Relational Databases
  • Query with SQL
  • Mobile-friendly


Control Your Own Information

Qrimp gives you what you want - control of your own information. Using the Platform's intuitive interface, your business users and development team can take on the management of their own information. If you need help, our custom development services range from data modeling to writing SQL queries to HTML. If your business is built on Qrimp, then your software can change and adapt to new business requirements. Free yourself from the clutches of restrictive software programs that cannot be adapted to your needs.

Custom for any Niche

Qrimp can be used to create apps for any type of business or business problem. Our customers love their apps, because each is tailored to the needs and terminology of their business. If you have the same software that every other business like yours is running, then you have the same business everyone else is running. Don't adapt your business to ill-fitting specifications!


Having your data in a database and accessible from the web will change your life. Yes, your life. Not just your business. The world is changing and business is changing with it. The internet is everywhere and it's a great time to give your company the internet advantage. It's important to note that Qrimp is a true web system. When you use Qrimp you're not using a slow VPN connection to log in to a company's server. You are creating data right on the web. This makes our software much faster!

Master Data Management, Anyone?

Tired of having your information scattered across multiple systems? There's no reason your calendar should be in a separate system from your inventory. They might even both have relationships to the same things, like employees! Part of Qrimp's goal is to let you put all of your data in one system - products, content, customers, resources, accounts, and more. It's Master Data Management and it's the future!

Insight Into Data

Our built-in charts and reports, including cross-tab reports, will show you things you never knew about what's happening in your company. Plus they're easy to build, just point and click. Add charts to your dashboard with just a few more clicks.

pie chart showing project status


Qrimp's modules help your software do more. Some of our customers only have one module their app, and that's okay too. With the click of a button, integrate the following modules and more...


As simple as it sounds. This is a calendar for scheduling events of any sort. Create your own colors and icons for event types.

Website Analytics

Website Analytics is a difficult and complicated problem to solve. Qrimp's system tracks users in a more detailed way than is available on other website analytics programs. Our custom system imports traffic logs, creates charts, and helps track specific statistics that you can determine. Read more about our custom website analytics on our products page.

Issue Tracker

Do you log issues? You need the issue tracker. It is set up for software issue tracking, but with a few modifications can be used to track any kind of issue.


Send messages to other users in your apps. Message threading, read status, and see new message notifications in the browser title bar!


Keep track of hours worked with Qrimp Timesheets.

Credit Checking

With a little custom services work, Qrimp can integrate credit checking for customers with an Experian account. We use an automated programming interface (API) to integrate with Experian to pull credit history and Accurint to verify a potential customer's identity.


The Qrimp Platform has a seriously awesome list of features!

Information Modeling

  • Modules
  • Spreadsheet Import/Add a Table
  • Add Many-to-Many Relationships
  • Add, Remove or Rename Columns


  • Username and Password
  • SSL 128-Bit Encryption
  • Group Level Security
  • Custom Security
  • User Management
  • Column Level Security


  • Cross Tab Reports
  • Standard Reports - Pie, Bar, Graph
  • Custom Reports

Information Management

  • Wiki Editing
  • App-wide Search
  • Audit Logging
  • Change Log
  • File Attachments with Automatic Thumbnail Creation


  • Menu Builder
  • Add menu here...
  • Icons


  • Calendar View
  • Tree View
  • Text Editing
  • Drag and Drop Redesign
  • Multiple Browser Support
  • Custom Templates and Skins

Messaging and Notifications

  • Email Notifications
  • Send External Emails
  • Check multiple POP3 accounts

Users and Security

  • Group Level Visibility
  • Create User Accounts
  • Column Level Security

Qrimp Publisher

  • Publishing Destinations
  • Custom Templates
  • Publishing History

Qrimp Synchronizer

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Work Offline

Qrimp has a lot of other features too. Get an idea of just how comprehensive our Platform is by scrolling through the Help Topics Library

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