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Sunshine Act Software

If you are a Pharmaceutical, Biological, or Medical Device Manufacturer, our software can help you get compliant with the Physician Payments Sunshine Act. Not only will you get compliant, but you'll understand your relationships with doctors better with great dashboards like this that tell you where your money is going and how it's being spent.

Learn more about How to comply with the Physicians Payments Sunshine Act at http://www.SunshineActSoftware.com.

Qrimp Analytics

Website analytics are important. You want to know who your visitors are, what they are interested in, and how interested they are. Qrimp's Analytics App goes deeper into depth on website statistics and is a great supplement to Google Analytics, because where Google focuses on aggregate statistics about all your visitors, Qrimp focuses on individual visitor behavior allowing you to drill down and see exactly what each person who came to your site viewed.

Auction Management

Manage real or virtual auction items. Create print-outs for silent auctions. System has customer browsing, shopping cart, back office order management, and post-auction results tracking. And plus, since it's Qrimp, it's easy to customize. Check out the case study.

Content Management

Manage whatever type of content you have. Manage digital content like stories or movies, or records of physical content like home repair materials or your teddy bear collection. Create an app for a club or association like your fraternity or sorority. Whatever type of content you have, Qrimp can manage it.


Easy upload or entry of your products list. Customer browsing and shopping cart checkout. Easy PayPal integration. Create dual sites that manage both wholesale and retail customers or as many pricing groups as you have. Integrate with UPS Address verification services and address validation. Customize any part of the system!

Inventory Management

Manage inventory and orders for multiple customers and vendors. Create new orders that automatically route printable packing lists to the correct warehouse. Integrate with logistics providers such as UPS to enable shipment tracking. Specify which personnel can see which information. Customize any part of the system!

Payroll Management

Manage your payrolls and make sure everyone gets paid. Reassign important tasks when key employees are away.

Property Management

RentTaker.com is Qrimp's property management system. Head over to Renttaker.com to learn more.

Qrimp Platform

If you are technically inclined or have technical staff, you may also like the Qrimp Platform, where you can roll your own app.

Have something built for you!

If you're looking for software that fits your niche, we'd love to work with you to build one! Please check out our services page and fill out a services request form.