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Our Services

Qrimp develops web software applications. We also provide related services such as Google Adwords set-up, search engine optimization (SEO), requirements gathering, workflow optimization, and custom application design.

Let us build a custom app with you!

We love working with small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs to build custom, high quality, information-rich software. We love it when our software helps you make better decisions. If you have information pain in your organization, we can help.

Achieve Scale with Technology

We really love it when our software helps your business grow! We understand that as a smaller business, the money you pay us comes out of your pocket, so we concentrate on delivering high value projects that create a positive impact on end users, clients and customers. Qrimp can help your businesses grow through technology and do more with the resources you have!

Change it when you want to!

Want to change how your app works? Just ask. Part of the value of custom software is just that - it's custom. Built for you, using your terminology and your workflows. And it grows and changes with your business needs.

How we work with you


Our engagement with you will usually start with a conversation about the project. What kind of software is going to help you solve your problems? If your project is a good fit for Qrimp, we will delve further into the specifics.

Requirements Gathering

In the requirements gathering phase, we will talk to you about your needs and answer some of the following questions:

  • Who will be using your system?
  • What kind of information it will store?
  • What features does your custom system need?
  • What kind of timeline will the project have?

Iterative Development

We begin work on the application and after we have done a little, we let you have a look at it. You give us feedback, we make the changes. Rinse, repeat! This process ends when you're happy that your app does what you need it to, within scope, of course.

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