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Order Management

In under a month, we delivered a full featured order management system that manages multiple warehouses and automatically delivers packing sheets for the warehouse staff. Read more about our warehouse management system.

Inventory Management

Our Hollywood client needed a custom system to allow their clients to browse their inventory of film and media assets and order them for delivery. Read more about Qrimp and inventory management.

Auction Management

We helped our client open up their inventory for their auction clients to browse and select items to be auctioned for non-profit fund raising events. Read more about the auction manager.

Online Store

A wholesale candy warehouse wanted to allow customers to shop for delicious candies and treats and place orders online. We built a custom store with order management in just a week. Read more about the online store.

Customer Relationship Management

We were engaged by a sales manager frustrated with the weekly report emails and inability to communicate with the whole team online. To learn about the system we built to him keep his customers in order, read more about the CRM System.

Qrimp is Smart Software

Figure 1: Most problems are simple on the surface

The amount of information in a single issue of The New York Times contains more data than a person who lived 400 years ago had to process in an entire lifetime.
- Dr. Mladen Milicevic

Information is increasing at an exponential rate, but computer science graduation rates are declining.

Who is going to help us keep track of all our information?

We need computers to manage the bulk of our information, but building the information systems to do it requires expensive consultants, risky outsoursing, an in-house development team, or a packaged software solution that may be costly and time consuming to integrate and learn how to use, and it probably has more features than we need.

The solution to those problems is to make building information systems easier. Qrimp enables those who don't have computer science degrees to build information systems. If you can use a spreadsheet, you can use Qrimp. Spreadsheets are difficult to share, impede collaboration and are a hassle to synchronize. It might take 15 spreadsheets to solve a relatively simple problem, but as the amount of information grows, spreadsheets start causing more trouble than they are worth. Qrimp however, works better for you the more information you put in it -- just like an orchestra sounds better with more instruments.

How is Qrimp Better than traditional methods?

Qrimp reduces the learning curve and accelerates the time-to-market for applications by eliminating the need to re-invent the wheel for the vast majority of software programming tasks. These tasks might include writing an SQL Statement to pull information from a database, writing the program code loops to display that information on a web page, and the HTML that formats it so it looks nice.

Now, all that work is done by simply copying and pasting a spreadsheet into our online form.

Qrimp looks at the data in the spreadsheet and knows if it can be shown on a calendar and how to format it. It builds the information store automatically, sets up security and navigation, and builds reports to help you visualize it. Qrimp does days worth of work with just a few clicks.

What is an Information System anyway?

An information system is a piece of software or group of software products that helps us create, search, store, and modify the data we need to do our jobs.

An order management system, for example, has order information in it such as who placed the order and when, which products were ordered and where it should be shipped. Without an information system to automate that process, the customer would have to call someone on the phone and tell them which products they wanted. The customer service agent would have to take that order to the warehouse and then it could be packaged and shipped. Later, if the customer wanted to check on the order, they'd have to call again and customer service agent would have to go ask the warehouse if they've shipped the order yet.

With an order management system however, the customer would simply point and click on items to add them to their cart, then fill out a form. The order could then be sent automatically to the warehouse for shipping. No one from the company need be involved anywhere in that process. This dramatically reduces costs for companies using such an order management system.

Such a system might also include tracking information and integrate with a shipping provider like UPS or FedEx, which has another information system to monitor the location of the customer's packages.

Many systems one set of code

Qrimp solves the problem of software development in an abstract way. It acts as a translator of sorts between the information stored in the computer and the web browser. Qrimp automatically inspects the information and knows how it can be presented to the user in an intuitive way.

Of course, not all application interfaces are the same, so Qrimp has a templating system that allows you to format the information, choose elements to combine on a single page, change colors, fonts and more without any programming required.

Only need a browser

Maybe you've heard of a lot of the tools needed to build information systems and it sounds very complicated. It is very complicated. But with Qrimp, the only tool you need is a web browser. Qrimp lets you import a spreadsheet, modify the look and feel, control navigation and security, without needing to download any software at all. Qrimp is Cloud Computing at its best.

No more integrated development environments, code generators, text editors, database administrators and the like. Just browse to your app and start working. It's that easy.

Start Simply and add as you go

Not all systems are complicated. Maybe you just need to keep a simple list of customers synchronized with your sales team. Maybe you want your customers have an online form where they can request more information. Eventually, you might add pricing information, newsletter subscriptions, a blog, an online store, and more.

With Qrimp, it's easy to create a simple little application to start with that will grow to accommodate more information as you use it. If you need to add a column to a form, Qrimp makes it easy. Want to remove a field or add a new form, that's easy too. As your system grows to include more and more information, create a portal to show you just the relevant bits, like new orders or customers, right when you log in. The more you use Qrimp, the better it gets.

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