The Qrimp Platform

If you're migrating from WebOffice, this is for you.

Hi WebEx customers! We would like to be your WebOffice replacement. Below are a few of the questions we've been getting about moving to Qrimp. You may also wish to download a copy of our brochure. Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Is it easy to get my data into Qrimp?

With WebOffice's export tool and our automated import tools, we can get most of your data into Qrimp very quickly. We use a combination of manual and automated work to pull in your databases, documents, calendars and views.

How does the migration work?

Within your WebOffice, follow the instructions for back-up. You will get an email when your WebOffice export is ready. This can take from a minute to several hours. Next a member of the Qrimp team will get on a GotoMeeting with you and connect to your WebOffice export file. Then we log in to your new Qrimp app and use our automated import tool to pull in your data, attachments and documents and create the navigation menus. Views, reports and sorting functionality may have to be created by a Qrimp team member.

Follow the backup instructions from the WebEx Backup and Export Guide to create the Qrimp-importable zip files.

How long does the migration take?

Importing your data and setting up your system views can take from several minutes to several weeks, depending on how big your system is, how much of your data can be imported automatically, how complex your system is and how busy we are. If you'd like a firmer estimate you can request a GotoMeeting with us, and show us your WebOffice so we can get an idea of how big your system is.

How soon can you migrate my app?

There is currently a wait list and we are getting to everyone as quickly as possible. Once you have signed up and we have received and processed your payment, you are next in line.

Does all of my data get migrated?

With WebOffice's export tool and our import tool, we can get most of your data imported no problem. From what we have seen, most data gets into the export file. However, if you are using unique identifiers on your data, certain information about your database structure will have to be manually rebuilt.

What happens if I am using unique ids?

We have run into some issues with unique identifiers on export. So far only about 10% of WebOffice systems we have seen have these. We are working on ways to make it easier to link the log records to the main record. We have been in contact with WebEx but they do not have plans to enable export of unique identifiers. If we find you are in the situation, we will explain our solution. We think you will like it!

Is Qrimp different from WebOffice?

Our interface and a few other things are different. For example, in Qrimp the main navigation menus are across the top. In terms of functionality, Qrimp can do whatever WebOffice could do - Documents, Calendars, Views and Databases. Qrimp also has a lot of additional features. In terms of structural differences, Qrimp is a relational database, which adds interconnectedness to your system and makes it easier to create reports and query your data.

How stable is Qrimp?

Our platform is very stable. We run our company on the same infrastructure as our customers, so if anything ever goes wrong, we are usually the first to know.

How secure is Qrimp?

Your app runs over https, the same technology used by banks. We one way encrypt passwords and we have a password meter to show users how secure their password is. Qrimp also has extensive security options within your app, at the table or operational level.

We are not affected by the heartbleed bug.

How much does Qrimp cost?

Qrimp is offering monthly subscriptions at a price match with the current WebOffice pricing plan.* The subscription fee covers hosting, infrastructure and daily backups. Improvements to the platform and bug fixes are rolled out to all customers with no charge. However, we do charge for set-up, custom-developed additions and support.

Pricing is based on the number of user accounts. We require one user account for each person that logs in and uses the system.The amount of storage you get matches the level of storage you got under that level user plan from WebOffice.

*Sorry, no grandfathered pricing plans will be matched.

Do you charge for set up and data transfer?

There is minimum set-up charge of $1500 to create your database. Import, set-up and customization is charged at the hourly rate of $150 and billed in 15 minute increments. Customization time depends on the amount of data in your system. Our amazing import tool makes your set-up extremely fast and our platform makes customizations really quick too.

What about support?

We have help documentation for the DIY types. You can bring up issues within your system by installing the Feedback module. There is a charge of $150/hr, billed in 15 minute increments for one-on-one support and training via email, GotoMeeting and phone calls.

How are services billed?

We send an invoice for your minimum set-up fee. Once that is paid, we develop your app. Then we send an invoice for the customizations based on the hourly work. Monthly subscriptions are paid for via PayPal subscriptions with a credit card. No PayPal account is needed. If you prefer we can send a monthly invoice and you can pay by check. If you request additional features that aren't part of the platform we add those on to your monthly invoice. If you paid a year up front we would send you an invoice at the end of the month.

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